Personalize your Subject Line on Gmail


  1. Open a new message by clicking the Internal Comms button from the ContactMonkey menu. 
  2. Upload your CSV using the button on the top right of the window - ensure there is a max of 200 recipients on your CSV, as well as having a Column for FirstName within the file. 
  3. Hit the orange icon in the bottom right of your screen to access the merge fields - mceclip0.png
  4. This wil ldisplay an option for First Name, whcih you can copy and paste into your subject line: {{first_name}}.
  5. You should then preview to ensure the Merge Field matches up correctly for each recipient, here is an example of what a Preview looks like:preview_field_image.jpg

Note: your ContactMonkey preferences must have 'Track Overall' deselected for the personalization merge to work correctly.

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