How does ContactMonkey Track Opens and Links?

See our explanations below for how tracking works with the ContactMonkey Sales tool.

Tracking Opens

ContactMonkey tracks email opens by automatically injecting an invisible 1x1 image (tracker) into the body of your email as it is sent out. When your recipient opens the email (and displays images), the tracking image is triggered, registering an open for that recipient.

Tracking Clicks

Any link you insert into a ContactMonkey email will be tracked and reported on. This goes for buttons, hyperlinks, social media accounts and attachments. The link is tracked using a URL redirect, meaning it will hit a ContactMonkey domain first and then be directed to the link you provided.

Tracking Locations

When the tracker for opens or clicks is triggered, ContactMonkey reports on the location (city and country) the open or click took place. The location information is gathered using the IP address of the device opening the email.

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