Personalize your Subject Line on Outlook 365

Using a merge field in your subject line is a great way to personalize your emails. Including your recipients' names or other details can boost engagement, and people appreciate a custom email.

Insert your Distribution List or CSV into your Mail Merge email. (Ensure your CSV has a First Name column)

Set your tracking type to Individual and scroll to the Merge Fields section of the sidebar.

Click the dropdown and select the corresponding Merge Field you would like to use; in most cases, this would be FirstName. By clicking FirstName, the code will copy to your clipboard ready to paste into the subject line of your campaign – e.g. ‘Hi {{firstname}}, Your August 2020 Newsletter’

To personalize the template of your campaign, simply insert any text box and select Merge Tags from the options box that appears, then follow the same process.

Once your email is ready to send, click Preview Contacts to ensure each recipient will receive a corresponding First Name on their email, as seen below..


The tracking Type must remain on Individual as you hit Send Merge for the personalization to work correctly. Learn more about this update here



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