Personalize your Subject Line in Outlook Non 365

  1. Open a Mail Merge tab and insert your Distribution List or Upload CSV. Ensure ‘Track Overall’ is deselected.
  2. Expand the Merge Fields by clicking the 3 dots halfway down the email body on the left.mceclip2.png
  3. From here, drag and drop the merge field you would like to use into the subject line. E.g. First Name would look like {{FirstName}} when dropped into the subject.
  4. To personalize the template of your campaign, open the template in the builder and insert any text box. You can select Merge Tags from the options box that appears, then follow the same process.
  5. Once your email is ready to send, click Preview to ensure each recipient will receive a corresponding First Name on their email, as seen below.mceclip3.png
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