Adding Social Media Icons to Your Communication

Using social media icons is a great way to keep everything neat and uniform. Since they’re easily recognizable, people know exactly what happens when they click on a certain icon.

By having social media links in all newsletters, you’re offering your target market another avenue to stay up to date with what's going on across the organizations, outside of traditional communication channels.

ContactMonkey allows you to easily add your company ContactMonkey icons.

Adding Social Media Icons

1.  Insert Empty Row 

Insert your desired row, then under the "Content" tab, select Social.


2. Populate Row with Social Content Block

Drag the social media icon to your desired row.


3. Configure Settings

Now, the default social media icons will show up. From here you can configure the colors, change the format of Icons or add a new icon. 


Change/Rearrange Icons

You can also change the format by clicking and dragging the Icon.JPG icons.

Add a New Icon

If you would like to change the default icons, scroll to the bottom on the right hand sidebar and click “Add new icon”.


Once you click on it, you will see more social media buttons for your template builder. From there, choose your icon of choice or upload your own using "Add a custom icon".


Don’t forget to add in the company specific urls into all your Social Media Icons so that your colleagues are directed to the right place!


Pro Tip

Use the social media icons to share your company social media and drive traffic. You can also use the custom icons to share intranet links within your organization.


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