Team File Manager Explained

Users now have the option to choose whether they want to view their personal assets or their team's assets. Users can set their default via settings. They can also enable a toggle in the navigation bar within the editor:

 Set Up Team File Manager                     

To start using the Team File Manager, go to your settings page in the ContactMonkey Dashboard.


Select the Email Management page from there, and then scroll down past Tag Management until you see File Manager.



Remember to toggle the File Manager ON for the settings to show at the top of your template builder.


Additional Settings: Choose your Default File Manager

My File Manager: When this option is selected, your default view will be your own private files
Team File Manager: When this option is selected, your default view will be the shared files

Using Team File Manager

In your template, you should now see this option across the top of your template builder.



To see your files in your template builder, select "My Files" and select "Browse" once you insert an image block. Your File Manager view should look something like this:



When "Team Files" is toggled in your template, the File Manager should bring up all the files that your team uploads.  Adding files is the same method as your individual file manager. For more info, click here.


Things to Note:

  • Users' existing files will remain in their personal library
  • The files within the user's personal library will no longer have the correct "Upload date" (All old files will have yesterday's date)
  • Any empty folders have not been migrated
  • Each team within an org has their own team File Manager. (The team File Manager will be empty until you begin adding files)
  • Every user within a team has access to team files 
  • Each user will need to enable Team File Manager in their settings to use this feature

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