Link Types in Your Text Box

ContactMonkey enables you to add hyperlinks to textmaking it easy to redirect your audience to important URLs, emails, and files.

To add links to your text, first, you click your text content, and then you will see the below text editor pop up. Click the link icon in order to see the link type menu.


Next, you click the “Link Type” drop-down which will display the various link types you can hyperlink into your text.


Finally, once you select the link type you would like to include, then you populate the required information.

Insert a hyperlink to an external source. 
When a reader clicks on it, an email window will open up with the pre-populated email address, subject line, and email text that you have inputted.
File Manager
This will link to a file that is already uploaded into your file manager. 
When a reader clicks on it, the telephone number pops up on their device's preferred app.
When a reader clicks on it, the telephone number is pre populated into their preferred texting app.

The below example is for a pre-populated email to be hyperlinked to the text. 


Best Practice Tip:

Be sure to put links in your communication to encourage engagement!

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