Update Your Emails Preheader Description Text

If faced with a scenario where the email's preheader text contains image links or illegible wording similar to the below example, then this article will show how to quickly fix this and update the wording to something that will entice the readers to open the email.


Here’s how to fix that in your emails:

1. Open your ContactMonkey email within the email editor.

2. Insert an empty content row at the very top of your email.

3. Drag and drop a Paragraph/Text box into that content row.


4. In the new paragraph/text box, you can type whatever preheader description you would like your readers to see. For example “This week's internal updates”.

5. Highlight your recently added text and change the color of the text to white so it is not visible to your readers.


6. Reduce your text size to 8px or below.

7. Remove all padding from the content row so that your content row becomes super thin (see example below)

8. Now, using this example, here’s what the readers will see as their pre-header description:


This should help you boost open rates and engagement with your communications as you can now control what readers will see in your email's preheader text.

If you have any further questions or queries, please reach out to support@contactmonkey.com.

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