View Team Stats

Once you have set your team up, checking the team's email tracking trends is as easy as checking your own stats.

Accessing the Dashboard

Your dashboard is accessible three different ways. 

  • Clicking the bar graph icon in your sidebar


  • Clicking "Open Dashboard" at the bottom of the stats tab (envelope icon) in your sidebar


  • Going to the following link in your web browser:

Team Stats

Once your dashboard is open, click "My Team Stats" in the top ribbon. 


The breakdown of team stats mirrors that of individual stats (although the colour scheme and designs differ). The first thing you will see is a graph of your team's total opens for the week, as well as a statistical overview for all emails you have sent thus far.  


  • The black graph displays how many emails were sent
  • The orange graph displays how many emails were opened
  • Data is arranged in chronological order 
  • "Emails Opened" may exceed "Emails Tracked" if the email has multiple recipients or if recipients are opening each email multiple times
  • The "Opened" rate may exceed 100% if the email has multiple recipients or if recipients are opening each email multiple times
  • "Avg # of Opens" is calculated per email

This example is from one of our Customer Support Specialists, which explains why their emails are opened so frequently, and often multiple times each. 

Below your general tracking metrics, you will see a comparison of how many opens each team member gets.

Statistics Overview

If you keep scrolling, you will see a breakdown of your team's "Best Performing Subject of all-time" and "Best Performing Links of all-time." By best performing, it is meant which subject lines and  links garner the most opens or clicks. If some have far higher open/click rates, you may consider gearing your team to send more emails using these best performing metrics to clients or prospects. 

Similar information is relayed for the most commonly used devices to open your emails, and the most common cities where your emails were opened. You may find "Unknown" or "Mountain View" are two of your most common locations. For more information on this topic please read this article

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