Embed HTML into SharePoint


A request we often hear from our clients is how to embed the template into an existing SharePoint site. Employees may want to view the template in another place to take a second look at any information. 


To do this, you will need to input the HTML code into your site. 


1. Log into the project page, and go to the home page. 

2. Next, click edit from the gear setting at the top right hand corner, or the edit page on the left hand side of the page.


3. In the edit view, find the "insert" tab, and find the "embed code" option.insert_code.jpg

4. From there, a blank page will pop up. Into that blank page, insert your HTML code.


Please note: While the HTML template will be responsive, you will not be able to track metrics. As well, ContactMonkey features such as Event Management and Two Way Communication will not work. We recommend creating an HTML template that adheres to these limitations for the best user experience.

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