Quick and Easy Guide to Sending on Outlook Non 365

Things to Check Before Sending Out:

  • Sender: Checking it is coming from the right sender
  • Format: Checking if the template is formatting correctly
  • Links: Checking to see if all the links work
  • Emoji & eNPS: emoji reactions are working and are linked to the question
  1. To begin your communication simply open Outlook, and select "Internal Communications"Comm_Add_In_Internal_Comms.JPG
  2. In the compose email window, you will need to go through the steps as if you're sending out. 
  3. Decide on the sender of your communication. Sending from a shared mailbox?
  4. Test your template to yourself or a colleague.If you're sending tests out before your send, we recommend naming your test – "ContactMonkey Test 1". This way, you can differentiate them during your campaigns. 
  5. The subject line is critical for your communication as this is how we categorize your campaign analytics after you send.
  6. Import your Template. More info can be found here.
  7. Confirm your tracking preferences. Track Aggregate on or off?
  8. Send your communication out by clicking the "Send Button within your Outlook.


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