Guide to Sending on Outlook 365 Desktop

Only send your communication after you have tested the template! Learn more here.

      1. Begin: To begin your communication simply Open Outlook and Click New Email.
      2. Open sidebar: Click the ContactMonkey Icon in the Outlook ribbon to open the sending sidebar.
      3. Sender: Decide on the sender of your communication. Sending from a shared mailbox?
      4. To: Decide whether the send is to a CSV file or a Distribution List. The To field will act as an automatic BCC so all recipients go into the To field and not in CC or BCC.
      5. Subject Line: The subject line is important for engaging the readers and is how we categorize your campaign analytics after you send it.
      6. Tracking Preferences: Decide on your tracking preferences- Overall vs Individual. Learn more about Overall vs Individual tracking here
      7. Insert Email: Locate the email that was created with the email builder and insert it into the Outlook message pane.
      8. Send and Track or Send Later: Decide on whether you wish to send the communication out immediately using "Send & Track" or schedule the send for a later time or date.

From there, you should be good to go!

Reminder: Do not use the regular Outlook send button to ensure ContactMonkey tracking and formatting.


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