Best Practices: Event Management

ContactMonkey’s Event Management feature enables teams to simply create, track and gather feedback on any company events. Here are some best practices for using this feature:

  • Use short, concise titles that clearly outline the event.
  • Include appealing visuals as well as enticing information to drive readers to the Sign-Up button in the ContactMonkey email. 
  • Ask questions in the event description field to open up feedback options with the potential attendees. Enable comments to ensure feedback is collected in one place.
  • If using a virtual location (like Zoom or Teams), ensure to use a short link such as
  • Add additional customized fields to collect more information from the attendees. 
  • Use the "limit attendance" option if there is a maximum number of attendees allowed.
  • Add an RSVP deadline if attendee information is needed in advance of the start date and time.
  • Preview and double-check the event details before sending. The 'Draft Event' can be edited up until it has been sent through ContactMonkey. Once sent, it will convert to a "Live Event" and edits can no longer be made.
  • Download a list of attendees to send an email reminder prior to the start time. The list will download as a CSV file. 
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