Best Practices: Event Management


ContactMonkey’s Event Management dashboard enables you to simply create, track and gather feedback on any company events. Below is a few best practices we recommend:

  • Use short, concise titles for your Events.
  • Ensure to use promotional images and text to drive readers to the Sign Up button in your Email template. 
  • Include any questions you may want the registrants to answer in the event description. Also, ensure to enable comments for the Registration Form.
  • If using a virtual location (like Zoom or Teams), ensure to use a short link such as If you find your link is too long, we suggest using to shorten it.
  • Preview and double check the event details before sending, as you cannot edit Live Events. The details of the event will live in the Calendar File your attendees will download.
  • You can Download List of your attendees and email them a reminder in the days in advance of the event. The list will download as a CSV file. 
  • Using the Surveys feature, you can email the List again after the event to gather feedback.
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