Track Overall vs Track Individual

When sending with ContactMonkey, users must choose their sending option, Track Overall or Track Individual. There are advantages and limitations that come with both sending options. Read further to find which is best for your campaign based on the information below.  

Sending Emails with Individual Tracking

This allows the email to be tracked on an individual basis. It involves ContactMonkey expanding the distribution lists that are placed in the "To" field of an internal campaign, then delivering a unique email to each recipient in the list. Understand the metrics you can receive with this option here.

Benefits of Individual Tracking

  1. Emails can be personalized using merge fields;  {{firstname}},{{lastname}},{{displayname}}.
  2. Visibility on exactly who has engaged the email.
  3. Understanding of open rates.

Drawbacks & Limitations of Overall Tracking 

  1. Each email is delivered individually (approx 2 seconds per address), so larger lists will see a lag in sending time. For example, a list of 2,000 recipients could take up to an hour to fully deliver. 
  2. Microsoft has a limitation that results in the largest list size being roughly 10,000 recipients for individual sending. (Recipient counting also follows the same rule).

Sending Emails with Overall Tracking

Using overall will aggregate your analytics and provide you with overall measurements on how the email has performed. While this is enabled, ContactMonkey will record the unique devices that have opened the email. Understand the metrics you can receive with this turned on here.

Benefits of Overall Tracking

  1. All recipients will receive your email immediately after hitting send. 
  2. Caters for all list sizes (inc. 10k +)

Drawbacks & Limitations of Overall Tracking 

  1. Engagement rates will be limited to overall metrics as opposed to having visibility on individual email engagement. 
  2. The number of unique devices opens may surpass the number of recipients due to recipients opening the email across multiple devices.
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