Sending on OWA


  1. Begin: To begin your communication simply Open Outlook and Click New Message
  2. Select ContactMonkey: Click the three dots on the bottom of the message window beside the A symbol and Emoji Icon. Click the ContactMonkey Icon and this will open the sending sidebar
  3. Sender: Decide on the sender of your communication. Sending from a shared mailbox?
  4. To: Decide on whether you are sending to a CSV file or Distribution List. Sending to a distribution list or CSV file? The To field will act as a BCC so all recipients go into the To field and not in CC or BCC
  5. Subject Line: The subject line is critical for your communication as this is how we categorise your campaign analytics after you send.
  6. Tracking Preferences: Decide on your tacking preferences - Individual or Overall

Sending overall? Ensure count is turned on if you are sending to under 5000 recipients unless you have set up backend counting with your ContactMonkey Account Manager

  1. Template: Select your template from sidebar and click insert

Can't see your template on your sending sidebar? After your template is inserted do not be alerted if it doesn't appear exactly how it did in ContactMonkey Template Builder. This is exactly how Outlook breaks up the coding of the template. This is one of the main reasons we send with ContactMonkey.

  1. Send Merge or Send Later: Decide on whether you wish to send the communication out immediately or schedule the send for a later time or date
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