You're on the Wrong Version of ContactMonkey

It can be frustrating to continually experience errors with a software tool. This article goes through the signs that you may be using the wrong version of ContactMonkey. 

Are you experiencing issues with accessing certain features like email templates? You may be using the wrong version of ContactMonkey!

If you find yourself running into the same error message like the one below, it is possible that you are currently on the wrong version of the tool.


The email template builder is an exclusive feature of our Internal Communications (IC) tool. 

It is easy to verify which version of ContactMonkey you are using! Simply sign in to your account, and access your dashboard. This can be found on your ContactMonkey sidebar by clicking on the graph icon. You can also access it here

Once you are on your dashboard, you will be able to Manage Your Subscription. 


If you think your subscription is with the wrong tool - you may choose to upgrade it yourself. Alternatively, you may also contact

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