Url links breaking / getting cut off within email:



On rare occasions when you are testing your email prior to the live send, you may notice that some of your links are not redirecting correctly. It will appear that the url is getting cut off/ shortened.

This is because web browsers are not capable of interpreting certain text characters correctly, such as spaces, quotation marks, apostrophes and ampersands. If you try to include one of these characters in a web address, it will not work correctly.

This happens mostly when intranet web pages contain the above mentioned special characters (&,!, “,’) in the url. 


The goods newsyou can get around this character restriction in a couple of ways. 

You can use bitly.com to shorten your urls and prevent any errors. Simply paste the url you are having trouble with in to Bitly and then use the shortened link within the email builder


Or, you can use a percent code to replace the uninterpretable text character, thus ensuring that your URL will work.

To resolve this, go into your template within the ContactMonkey Template Builder and replace the "&' within the url with “%26” or if its an Apostrophe ( ' ), use "%27" in the url

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