Export Your Email Analytics via Download Report


If you want to receive the downloaded raw metrics of one sent an email, with or without comments. "Download Report" will email you the raw data as a CSV File. 



Exporting in a different timezone than the original sender?

Your raw data download will respect the timezone of the exporter, meaning all send times will be automatically changed.

Download Raw Data
A list of all the metrics found in your sent email will be emailed to you.
Download Raw Data and Comments
A list of all the metrics found in your sent email, plus the comments from your two-way surveys, will be emailed to you.
Download Segmented Report
If you are sending individually on Office 365, then you are able to use segmented stats! Learn more on what your export looks like here.
This will delete your sent email. Please note once you delete a sent email, you cannot retrieve it.
A great way to distribute the results via a PDF, or print for your own use. 


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