Sending Checklist for Gmail

  • Email has been approved by all relevant members of the team via revision comments and the collaboration feature
  • Select ContactMonkey: Click Internal Comms on your ContactMonkey ribbon
  • Sender: Decide on the sender of your communication. Sending from a shared mailbox?
  • Send Test by selection "Send Merge" to a couple recipients. Be sure to test out on both Desktop and Mobile.
  • To: Decide on whether you are sending to a CSV file or Google Group. Sending to a google group or CSV file? 
  • Subject Line: The subject line is critical for your communication as this is how we categorise your campaign analytics after you send.
  • Tracking Preferences: Decide on your tacking preferences - Track Aggregate On or Track Aggregate Off?
  • Template: Select your template from sidebar and click insert
  • Double check all of the abocve
  • Select "Send Merge" or "Send Later"
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