Send & Track vs. Send Test

Send & Track and Send Test are both essential features that are important to your sending process, so it is crucial to understand the differences and when to use each feature, which we will explore in this article. 


Send and Track

Send Test

Tracked Campaign within the Dashboard YES NO
Hyperlinks  YES YES
Two Way Feedback YES NO, test page to confirm correct formatting
Subject Line YES, whatever you set YES, with "CM Test" before it
Recipient YES, "To" field or CSV YES, "To" field


When you are finished building your ContactMonkey email, you will likely want to test the links and formatting in Outlook before distributing. ContactMonkey allows you to Send Tests to yourself and colleagues to preview how the email will look. 

You can do this by selecting the Send Test option in your ContactMonkey sidebar. Once clicked, you will be presented with two options, Send Test to: ‘My Email Address’ or ‘To Field Contacts’. Select the first option if you just want to send the Test to yourself. Including your colleague’s in the To Field and selecting option two will allow them to receive it too. 

ContactMonkey will add the prefix “CM Test - ” to the subject line of any tests, notifying you and your colleagues that it is a test email.

The Send & Track button is to be used when sending your email to your Distribution List or CSV. It is hugely important that this button is used for your email as it ensures the email is sent, tracked and formatted correctly. Hitting the native Outlook send button may cause your email to be untracked and unresponsive for your readers.


Please ensure not to select the ‘To Field Contacts’ option while your Distribution List is sitting in the To field. 

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