How to Stop Email Forwarding within Outlook

Some ContactMonkey users may want to limit or prevent their emails from being forwarded to ensure that sensitive information is not leaked. Forwarded emails are generally sent using Outlook and not using the ContactMonkey tool, which will strip the formatting in the HTML email. This may likely affect formatting and functionality. 

1. Format the Email: 

To create an email for Outlook Non365, follow these steps. For Outlook 365, follow these steps.

2. Expand the Permissions Menu

This can be done by switching to the "Options" tab and clicking on the "Permissions" section. Select the dropdown to show additional configurations.

3. Select "Do Not Forward"

From the list of options under "Permissions" select "Do Not Forward". Note that a warning may pop up on the screen confirming this selection.

4. Send using the "Send and Track" button

Once configured, the email will be sent without the option for recipients to forward it. 

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