Saved Rows Management

With our latest update, you can now manage saved rows right within the email builder. Skip to this section to learn how to edit and delete rows.

Create a Saved Row

  1. Access your desired email within your email library.
  2. Click the row that you would like to save. Saved_Row_in_Email.JPG
  3. Select the "Save" icon.
  4. From there, a pop-up will prompt you to select the name and category of your row.


5. Once you save your row, you can access it from the email builder!

Access Saved Rows

    1. Go into your email builder, and select the email of your choice.
    2. On the right-hand side, click the "Row" tab. From there, click the dropdown. Row_Tab_Sidebar.png
    3. Select any of your categories to access your saved rows. Click and drag them into your email to use them for your future sends.

Edit and Delete Rows 

  1. Click on the row in your sidebar.
  2. From there, you will see dots next to the title. Click on the dots to reveal two options.



Edit Info
Clicking into this option brings up a pop up that prompts you to change the row name and category. 
This will delete the row. Please note this action is not reversible.
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