Whats the difference between a shared mailbox and a full mailbox?

Your ContactMonkey license is connected to your personal, corporate email address. This mailbox is known as a full mailbox. However, many internal communicators must send out communications using a shared mailbox. This article will outline the difference between the two to correctly set up your ContactMonkey sends.

What is a full mailbox?

A full mailbox usually involves a single user and requires a license. A mailbox is necessary for a user to log on to and use Office 365 email. Example: john.doe@contactmonkey.com

What is a shared mailbox? 

A shared mailbox is just that, a mailbox that can be shared with one or more users. Shared mailboxes do not require a license and have all of the features of a standard mailbox; they have an inbox, a calendar, a contact list, etc. In addition, ContactMonkey can piggyback any pre-existing Outlook permissions tied to your full mailbox, making sending from multiple mailboxes easy for the user. For example, a standard shared mailbox ID with our clients is internalcomms@contactmonkey.com.

Sending from a shared mailbox:

As mentioned, ContactMonkey allows you to send emails using any shared mailbox you have permission to send from once signed into your ContactMonkey account with your personal, corporate email. Enable the "Show From" button via the options tab on a new email window to access your shared mailboxes.


Once enabled, you will see a new "From" field populate as one of the sending fields below. Via this "From" dropdown, you can see which mailboxes you can send from. Any mailbox you see with an X on the right is a shared mailbox that can be used to send from. 


If a mailbox needs to be added to this list, click "Other Email Address" and add the desired mailbox to your options. You should then see this mailbox added with an X next to it. 

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