Can ContactMonkey be used for External Marketing?

Internal communications require a different strategy than external marketing. However, some clients may want to use our tool to send externally ( eg prospective clients, users outside of their domain or vendors). 

In that case, here are some things to consider. 

IT Permissions for External Domains

ContactMonkey allows you to send your employees tracked emails out of the box. However, there are some permissions we recommend IT configuring to give you an optimal experience. For example, Google Group Expansions, or Allowed Domains. For these to work, IT needs to be able to execute rules org-wide. If you are sending externally, you may be unable to access and change the user's IT settings. This will impact your designs' deliverability, tracking, and final layout.

Compliance Considerations

We take privacy seriously, and clients must adhere to relevant GDPR and privacy laws. Proceed with caution when using ContactMonkey externally, as you may not have permission to send to other domains.


Recipients cannot unsubscribe to the tool, which means they never miss out on important updates. When sending externally, be aware of relevant regulations- for example, sales prospects require an unsubscribe option. 

Spam Filters

Sending ContactMonkey emails to users who aren't expecting them may mean spam filters will kick in. You risk being reported if you don't have IT permissions to change domain permissions or firewall parameters.


To learn more about GDPR Compliance, check out this article.







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