How does Geolocation work?

Our tool allows you to send tracked emails that not only monitor opens and clicks but the location of your recipients.  We gather data on everything recipients interact with your emails. 


How does Geolocation work? 

Geolocation works by gathering the IP Address of your recipients.  Our tool can't locate the exact address, but we can approximate based on general locations. For example; Ontario, Canada, San Francisco, USA or Dublin, Ireland. 

The data is first gathered when a recipient opens up your tracked email. From there, we update the geolocation based on the usage. The more a recipient interacts with your emails, the more accurate the geolocation will be. 

Why does the Geolocation look inaccurate?

There may be cases when you know the recipient is located in one place, but the data shows something else. There are a couple reasons for this:

  • Your contact uses a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
    VPNs redirect traffic through a remote server and mask a contact’s real location. Learn more about VPNs.
  • Your contact forwards your emails to people in other locations.
    When those recipients open or click the forwarded emails, their activity and IP addresses are attributed to your contact.
  • Your contact's email service provider uses a proxy.
    Some popular email clients cache and serve images through a proxy server. This may result in data based on proxy locations. For example, contacts who use Gmail may show location data in Mountain View, where Google’s servers are located. Learn more about proxies.
  • Your contact’s IP address changes often.
    Geolocation services will estimate one point based on those different addresses.

Please read more about what could be happening, I keep seeing the same location I think the location is wrong.

What can I do with geolocation? 

The approximate location of your recipients can be a key part of your internal comms strategy. 

Segment by geolocation ( only available for Office365 users) 

Using our segmented reporting feature, you can filter folks by location. For instance, if you are a global company with offices in USA and Ireland, you may want to see how engagement differs between locations.  Once you have the metrics, your team can make data-driven decisions on content, send time and other factors to increase engagement. More information on how to set this up for your organization can be found here.


View geolocation within each campaign

You are able to see the location of each recipient within each campaign. 

  1. Access your dashboard within Google Chrome.
  2. Click into the campaign you would like to view specific metrics for.Recent_Campaigns.JPG
  3. Once you are on the specific campaign page, scroll halfway down until you see the Best Performing Locations section.Best_Performing_Locations_View.JPG

You can also export the campaign and view the locations in an Excel sheet. 

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