How do I send an email using another email address in Outlook?

ContactMonkey is an Outlook plugin which has the ability to piggyback your pre-existing mailbox permissions. These permissions may include sending from a shared mailbox, sending on behalf of another mailbox and sending to an Outlook list. 
*Note: These permissions are set by your Outlook or Microsoft Admin.

To change the from email address, you will need to compose a new email directly from your personal mailbox which is linked to your ContactMonkey account and follow these steps:

Click the “options” tab at the top of your new email window and enable the “show from” setting.


Once this is enabled, you will see an additional “from” option within the Outlook sending fields. You can select other email addresses by clicking on the “from” dropdown menu.

ContactMonkey now has the ability to use your personal mailbox to send from the selected email address. 

For information on shared mailbox permissions, click here.

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