Dark Mode Preview Explained

What is dark mode?

Many users take advantage of dark mode on certain apps such as Gmail, Outlook, or Apple Mail to reduce eye strain and extend battery life. With dark mode, light colored text shows up on a dark background. 

Dark Mode Preview

To preview dark mode for your email, click the Preview button on the top right hand corner. From there, toggle "Dark Mode" on.  A comparison is below:


Color Inversion

If recipients don't have dark mode enabled, there may be other settings that impact the look and feel of your final send. A couple examples are below:

Partial Color Inversion 
This happens when Office365 users receive emails with lighter colored sections, that are then inverted to darker colors.

Full Color Inversion

This is the case that users may be more familiar with- entire emails will revert to the dark scheme. Light colors will become darker, and vice versa. With the "Dark Mode Preview" this experience is replicated.



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