Locked Rows Explained

Our latest feature allows users to create locked rows that are then uneditable by other members of the organization. This can help your team follow branding guidelines across all internal communications.

How to lock rows and content blocks

Account owners and Administrators can now lock rows and content blocks in the Email Builder. You can turn the “Locked” toggle on and off in the Content Properties and Row Properties menus on the right-hand side.  

Why lock rows and content blocks? 

Locking rows and content blocks will prevent Managers or Basic Users from editing, deleting or rearranging specific pieces of a template. This is especially helpful in ensuring brand consistency for accounts with multiple license holders. 

Tip for Content Blocks

Content blocks within a locked row can be unlocked. For example, you can lock an entire row with multiple pieces, but unlock a specific content block that can be edited by all users. 



Locked Rows for a Non- Administrator

Managers and Basic Users do not have permission to edit, delete or move locked rows. Instead, they will see the following error message: 




Additional Information

  • This functionality extends to both row and content blocks
  • Managers and Basic Users cannot edit or delete rows
  • Individual content blocks can be locked 
  • A content block can be made editable within a locked row
  • This feature is available on both emails and templates
  • Shared emails (via json or share link) will have the locked row properties 
  • Locked rows can be saved to your team's repository
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