Automatically Generating Email Content With OpenAI

Use ContactMonkey's OpenAI AddOn to quickly create content in your internal communications emails, including natural language text generation that rivals human-written content. OpenAI AddOn can generate high-quality natural language text, including marketing copy, blog posts, product descriptions, and more. Read this article to learn how to use the OpenAI AddOn.

AI is the perfect assistant to help you create copy from scratch, revise copy, personalize content, and support multiple languages. The AddOn also offers advanced features like text summarization, proofreading, and spell-checking.

Feature Availability

This article is specific to our Internal Communications tool. Looking to learn more about the Sales Tool? Check out Getting Started With The Sales Tool.

In This Article:

Getting Started

Accessing The OpenAI AddOn

Creating Copy From Scratch

Editing Copy

Supporting Multiple Languages

Best Practices


Getting Started

The Open AI AddOn, built into our Email Builder, offers a range of functionalities that can benefit you as an internal communicator:

Creating Copy From Scratch

      • The tool can generate marketing copy from scratch based on specific prompts or parameters.
      • This includes the required character count and tone of voice.

Revising Copy

      • The tool can revise existing text by replacing words or sentences, converting text from first to third person, proofreading, spellchecking, or creating a summary from a longer text.

Personalizing Content

      • The tool can be trained to personalize content for specific audiences, improving engagement and conversion rates.

Supporting Multiple Languages

      • The tool supports several languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, and Korean.

Before getting started using the OpenAI AddOn, make sure you're familiar with creating email content with ContactMonkey in general. Learn how in Accessing the Email Builder.


Accessing The OpenAI AddOn

The OpenAI AddOn is automatically provided to every new ContactMonkey user. However, due to strict compliance regulations, your organization may ask to have it shut off for its users. This may be the case if you are not seeing this feature while building your email. Reach out to if you have any issues accessing the OpenAI AddOn.

The OpenAI AddOn is found in our Email Builder so you can use it while creating your emails! To access it, follow these steps:

    1. Sign in to your ContactMonkey dashboard
    2.  Create a new email or open an existing email you wish to edit
    3. Add a row of content 
    4. Add a paragraph content block by dragging and dropping it into your new row
    5. Select Write with AI in the content menu on the right-hand side
    6. Get writing! 🎉

Here are some ways you can use the AI AddOn:

      • Write the body copy for a promotional email with [your subject line]
      • Compose a message to engage with followers and spark a conversation about a trending topic in [your industry]
      • Generate an invite for a webinar about [your topic].


Creating Copy From Scratch

Got writer's block, or just need to create content on a common subject quickly? Our OpenAI AddOn can help with this.

To use OpenAI to create email copy from scratch, follow these steps:

    1. Define the purpose and tone of the email content you wish to generate. The more specific you are, the better! 

      For example, let's say we want to generate a paragraph on the history of Pride Month to share in our newsletter. Here, the purpose could be "write a short paragraph on the history of Pride Month and why it matters." The tone could be "informal and respectful" (this part is up to you and what you want to convey in your message!).

    2. Sign in to your ContactMonkey dashboard
    3. Head to Emails in the menu options along the top of the page
    4. Create a new email or open an existing email you wish to edit
    5. Add a paragraph content block by dragging and dropping it into a row
    6. Select Write with AI in the content menu on the right-hand side
    7. In the text field, enter your prompts.

      In this case, we are entering "Write a short paragraph on the history of Pride Month and why it matters in an informal and respectful tone."

    8. Review and edit the generated content to ensure it is relevant and appropriate for your audience.

Always make sure to edit what is generated for you! OpenAI can generate high-quality content, but it should not completely replace human writing and editing. What's generated can sometimes sound a bit robotic - or just not match the tone you want your readers to receive.


Editing Copy

OpenAI can help revise copy by suggesting alternative word choices, sentence structures, and even entire paragraphs. It can also be used to spellcheck your work, or even create summaries of content.

To use OpenAI to edit your copy, enter your specific revision needs after you've generated your copy. For example, you could write "fix the spelling mistakes."

You can review the suggested revisions and choose the ones that best fit your intended message and tone. You can continue to enter prompts to edit the content until you are happy.

It's important to note that while OpenAI can be a powerful tool for revising copy, it is not perfect and may make errors or suggest inappropriate revisions in some cases. Reviewing and editing any AI-generated content before publishing or sharing it with others is always a good idea.

Here are some prompts you can use to edit your email copy:

      • Fix spelling mistakes
      • Change the tone to lighthearted
      • Target the message to leadership
      • Summarize this text in 4 sentences
      • Cut this down to 300 words
      • Provide an alternate way to say this
      • Rewrite this to be in active voice
      • Rewrite this to be in 1st person

Supporting Multiple Languages

The OpenAI AddOn is perfect for our users sending out content to readers using different languages. You can quickly generate your content in your language of choice, edit it down, and then ask OpenAI to translate it for you!

For example, if you need to translate an email subject line, you could enter this as a prompt:

Translate this into 1. French, 2. Spanish and 3. Japanese:

"Weekly newsletter: June 2023 Pride Celebrations"


Best Practices

It can be hard to know where to start when generating AI content. However, don't overthink it! Just start - you can learn as you go.

Here are some general best practices to help get you going in the right direction:

Keep it relevant

  • You know your audience best - not OpenAI. Don't use whatever generic content OpenAI pumps out for you without adding some customization and personalization to ensure your readers feel a connection with your content.

Be specific

  • The more specific your commands, the more likely you are to get content that is accurate and fits your needs.

    Consider making sure you specify length and writing style. For example, add "write me 2 paragraphs on" and "in a formal tone" to your commands.

Always proofread

  • Content generated by AI is not perfect. It's generated by gathering information from sources across the internet - but you can't trust every source out there, right? Consider fact-checking and using a tool like Hemingway app or Grammarly to ensure your writing is clear and concise.

Use AI to supplement not, replace

  • AI should be considered a way to help you create content faster, but shouldn't be relied on to create your content entirely without a human touch. It's pretty easy to tell when something was entirely generated by AI - don't be that person.



What version of OpenAI have you integrated with?

We are using version gpt-3.5-turbo.

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