Ensure Email Tracking Accuracy By Safelisting ContactMonkey

Applies To:

 Gmail ✅ O365  OWA ✅ COM Add-In

Ensure your email opens and link activity is accurately tracked by adding ContactMonkey's domain to your organization's safelist.

To ensure that ContactMonkey can accurately track your email opens and link activity, we recommend that any company using email security solutions such as Microsoft Defender, Mimecast, or Safelinks add ContactMonkey to their safelist.

Safelisting will:

Improve deliverability: Safelisting helps ensure your emails are not marked as spam, improving their chances of reaching the recipient's inbox.

Increase tracking accuracy: By safelisting ContactMonkey, you can ensure that open and link-tracking data is collected accurately without being blocked or filtered by spam filters.


How It Works

Email opens are tracked by automatically injecting an invisible 1x1 image (tracker) into the body of your email as it is sent out. When your recipient opens the email the tracking image is triggered, registering an open and device data for that recipient.

Link activity is facilitated by rewriting all links embedded in a URL to a redirect URL that counts interactions and click-through rates.

The domain to include in your safelist is:


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