Default Colors

ContactMonkey makes it super easy for teams to use their organization's brand images and colors. Using the default color option allows you to customize.  

To add a company's brand colors to the color palette within ContactMonkey:

1. Compile Your Hex Codes 

Find the brand's most used colors and grab the hex codes. E.g #FFFFFF for white. 

Open an Email and click on Default Colors towards the top right of the screen. 


Paste in the hex codes one by one, hitting enter on your keyboard to confirm changes, until all have been uploaded for the brand colors.


Once complete, any time you wish to change the color of the content in your template, your default colors will be in the color palette. These colors will follow you around to any template you work on. 

Note About Default Colors

It is normal for your template to reload once you input your default colors. 


Once you have your default colors set up, you can create your content blocks in line with your company identity. 


Check out this video for a more detailed explanation!

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