Best Practices: Template Builder


The most important aspect of your email Template is that it is responsive over all platforms and looks great for all readers. We recommend you follow these steps in order to get the most out of your templates.

1. Name your Template: As you and your team members create templates, it's important to know who is working on which template to minimize errors and unwelcome changes.


2. Settings :It is important to confirm your settings before inserting any content to your template. To learn more about your settings, check out this article. 

3. Template Width: Set your template width to 800 so you can clearly see the Row and the Content area


4. Default Colors: Ensure your Default Colors are saved.


5. Font Size: Set your font size to 14.


6. Line Spacing: Set your line spacing to 2.

7. Rows and Content: Use as many rows as possible – Each new bit of Content should have its own row.

8. Preview, preview, preview!:Continue to preview your template on both Desktop and Mobile throughout the design process.


9. Embed attachments you wish to send, within the template, rather than attaching them.

10.Use emoji reactions to boost engagement.


11. Link your emoji reaction or eNPS to the question. Ensure its just the question and emoji reaction/eNPS in the same row to avoid errors. It should look like this when you hover over it:Emoji_Merged.jpg

12. Always Test your communication to yourself or a colleague – ensuring its coming from the right mailbox, the template formats correctly, all the links work and your emoji reaction work. Learn how to send emails here.


NEVER make edits to your template once it is inserted in the the email body in Outlook, ContactMonkey will always send the latest version available online within the template builder!


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