Using Tables

Inserting a table within your Email will help you avoid clutter and long paragraphs by sharing weekly schedules, event formats, and plans using an organized table format. 

1. Insert the Table Icon

Drag the Table icon from the sidebar to your desired row in the Email.


2. Create your table with desired rows and columns

You can easily create your table with up to 7 rows & columns by clicking on "Create Table".


3. Fill your table with values

With our recent updates, there are several more ways to customize the look and feel of your tables. Additional Features Include:

  • Font Size and Font Colour: Set the default font in your settings.
  • Alignment of Table Content 
  • Custom Background Color for Header Rows
  • Custom Background Color for Body Rows


4. View your table with the values in your Email

Once you have filled your table with values, you can view the content of the table in your Email.


Learn more with this video!


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