Unique opens v unique device opens


Depending on your sending preferences (Individual vs Overall), your statistics will show you either unique opens or unique device opens. Learn the differences and advantages of both here.

Unique Open – Individual

When your tracking type is set to 'Individual' your campaign will send out an individual email to all your recipients with individual tracking. Your tracking is tied to the recipient’s email address. This will help you accurately report the statistics for Opens and for Clicks.



  • Highly accurate
  • Can see the individual breakdown of all activity for your campaign
  • Can see exactly which recipients have opened, clicked on link and number of times.
  • Reporting is more detailed

Things to Note:

  • As an individual email is sent to each recipient, the first recipient will receive the email at a different time than the last recipient. (It takes roughly 1-3 seconds to deliver each email.) If you are sending to 2000 recipients, it will take roughly an hour to complete. This is a result of Microsoft's limitation. (called throttling)

Unique Device Opens - Overall


When sending using Overall tracking, your campaign will send out an overall email to all recipients with overall tracking. Your tracking is linked to the individual device instead of the email address. So, if a recipient opens their email on both their phone and laptop, that would count as two unique device opens. This is why your unique device opening may appear higher than the recipient count.


  • One email will be sent to the high-level list and will reach each recipient within a minute
  • All data is private and anonymous

Things to Note:

  • Unique device opens can appear higher than the recipient count
  • Reporting isn’t as detailed as sending – No individual report
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