How to Manage Users and Teams

As the Teams Owner, you will have the ability to add users, manage teams and move users to a new team. You will also be able to set permissions for users within each team. 

Team Management 

Add New User Add New Team Move Users Delete Users

1. Click the drop-down arrow in the top right-hand corner of your screen when you are signed in to ContactMonkey. Click "Users"

2. To add users to your Team, click on the "+New User" icon in the top right-hand corner:



3. Fill in the information for your intended Team member and select send invite. Certain members of your organization may require different permissions, based on their role. A full breakdown of the user roles is found on the page.

User Roles Explained

User Role Permissions
Owner Administrator Access + Manage Billing
Basic User  Manage their own emails and campaign stats
Manager Basic User Access + Manage & delete team campaigns and campaign stats
Administrator Manager Access + Manage Users


4. Click "Send Invite". The user should then receive an email to be incorporated into your team. To check on the status of user invitations, select "Pending Users" on the invitation page.  If you do not specify teams, users will be allocated to the default teams. You can change their team at anytime.

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