Best Practice: Optimizing for Mobile Devices

ContactMonkey's email builder is designed to build HTML-coded emails that are optimized across multiple devices. However, with that being said, there are a few important points to note to ensure formatting is set up correctly so that your email renders flawless on mobile devices: 

  • New Rows: Use a new row for each piece of content.
  • Hide on Mobile: Use "hide on mobile" for items that may not look as nice on a mobile device as they do on the desktop
  • Avoid Tables: They aren't mobile-compatible. Click "Hide on Mobile" if embedding tables. This will ensure they still feature on dekstop devices. 
  • Do Not Stack on Mobile: This prevents rows with multiple pieces of content side by side from stacking on top of one another on a mobile device.
  • Preview your Communication: Use the "Preview" button while building to see what the email looks like on both device types.
  • Toggling to Mobile View: ContactMonkey has a toggle feature in the email builder to allow users to change the builder to replicate a mobile device screen. This will be visible at the top left of the window. 
  • Content Width: Set width is set to 800 px, the optimal size for both desktop and mobile.content_row_width.jpg
  • Font Size: Adjust font size to 14px.


  • Enable Reverse Stacking: Make sure images show up before text on mobile by enabling reverse stacking
  • Use emoji reactions to boost engagement.


  • Always Test emails – ensuring its coming from the right mailbox, the email formats correctly, and all of the links redirect correctly. Learn how to send emails here.

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