Best Practice: Optimizing for Mobile Devices

With working remotely being the new normal, it is more important than ever that your newsletters are optimized for all formats. At ContactMonkey, we see that users are using their mobile devices to interact with emails. 

Below is a checklist you can go through to ensure your newsletters are optimized for mobile 

  • New Rows: Use a new row for each piece of content to ensure proper formatting.
  • Hide on Mobile: Use "hide on mobile" for items that may not look as nice on a mobile device as they do on the desktop
  • Avoid Tables: They aren't mobile compatible. You can use the "Hide on Mobile" so they still feature in your Desktop sends. 
  • Do Not Stack on Mobile: This prevents rows with multiple pieces of content side by side from stacking on top of one another on a mobile device.
  • Preview your Communication: Use the "Preview" button as you build to see what your communication will look like on both device types.
  • Content Width: Set width is set to 800 px, the optimal size for both desktop and mobile.content_row_width.jpg
  • Font Size: Set your font size to 14.


  • Enable Reverse Stacking: Make sure images show up before text on mobile by enabling reverse stacking
  • Use emoji reactions to boost engagement.


  • Always Test your communication to yourself or a colleague – ensuring its coming from the right mailbox, the template formats correctly, all the links work and your emoji reaction work. Learn how to send emails here.

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