How can I download an event into my calendar?


Once a registrant confirms attendance to an event, they may want additional clarification on how to add it to their calendar.  Read below to understand how people can easily add an event to their different email platforms and calendars below.

Import into Google Calendar 

  1. Click "Add to Calendar"
  2. Go to your Google Calendar. 
  3. Click "Settings" the gear icon in the corner. 
  4. Click Import and Export,
  5. Select import, and click on the file you would like to input into your calendar. The file will end with ".ics".
  6. Choose which calendar to import to, and select Import.

From there, the event details will appear on your chosen calendar! For more information, click here. 

Import into Outlook on Desktop/OWA

  1. Select "Add to Calendar" from the event page sent to you. 
  2. Save the file on your device. 
  3. Double click to open the file, and this window should appear. Select "Add to Calendar".
  4. From there, the event should be added to your primary calendar.

Tip: Increasing Turn-Out

Include this article in your communications so your recipients know how to add your event to their calendar. 

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