Sending a Recurring Invite via Outlook 365

Our event management feature does not currently support sending recurring meeting invites. However, by using Outlook settings in conjunction with the embed feature, you can achieve a similar result. 

Create Your Invite in Outlook

    1. Within your account create a meeting invite just like normal.
    2. Insert links, instructions or agenda points into the body of the invite. 
    3. Ensure that the invite is at the correct time and day.
    4. Click on the recurrence button in the outlook toolbar and input the data and time for when you want your invite to occur.
    5. Once all details within your invite are correct, click on the dropdown beside the “forward” button on the left hand corner of the outlook toolbar. Click forward as iCalendar.
    6. Next a new message will appear with an attachment already loaded. The attachment will be named whatever your invite is named. 
    7. Drag and drop this attachment to your desktop and save it

Embed Into the Builder

    1. Open up the ContactMonkey Template Builder and open the template you want to insert the recurring meeting invite into.
    2. In this template, insert a button or piece of content from which you would like recipients to download your invite. Name it something that calls on the recipient to click on the button, like below.

    3. Click on the button or content area and the navigation pane will open up. Once opened up you will see a function called “Link File”.

    4. Once you click on link file the ContactMonkey file upload system will open.
    5. Click “upload” and upload your invite to the ContactMonkey file upload system. 
    6. Once this is done, your file will appear. Click the checkbox in the top left hand corner and then click insert in the bottom right hand corner.
    7. This will bring you back to the template builder and link your file within the button or content area in your template.
    8. When you send out your email, when your recipients click the button the invite will download. They will then click on it and receive a prompt to add it to their calendars.
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