List Management: Explained

List Management allows you to create a directory within ContactMonkey, and use this directory to create segmented lists of recipients. It is currently only available for Office365 clients or Gmail clients.


  1. Upload Contacts  

    Once your team has List Management enabled, you can start uploading contacts. Click into the "Contacts" tab at the top to get started.


    From there, select "Import Contacts".


    In this window, you have two options to import your contacts. 


    Upload CSV
    Using the sample CSV as a guide, upload your employee directory to sit within the ContactMonkey platform. 
    Add an Integration
    Select the integration relevant to your organization. Currently, we  have Azure Directory Sync, Workday, or other HRIS systems.
  2. Create Lists

    Once you have uploaded all of your contacts, you can then configure your list based on the attributes ( pulled from the CSV or the Directory Sync). To do this, go to the "Filter Contacts" option. Please note that:

      • Multiple filters can be applied
      • Filters are “AND” conditions. (eg. Department = Manager AND Country = Canada)
      • Only Admin/Owners can configure lists



    Once the desired filters have been applied, select "Save As List".


    In this pop up, you will be directed to name the list and select which team the list will be visible for. Once complete, the lists will be available for members of the assigned teams via the add-in.

  3. Sending to a Contact List

    Once your lists have been created, you or other team members can retrieve those lists from the Outlook sidebar. Open up the sidebar like you normally would, and notice that "Upload CSV" has changed to "Contact Lists". Expand out to choose "Upload CSV" or "Select Contact List".


    Once you click into "Select Contact List", your configured lists are available. Click and select which ones you want to send to. 


    The lists will then sit in your sidebar. From there, you are ready to send!


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