Bypassing ContactMonkey IPs In Microsoft 365 Defender

While implementing our Email At Scale feature, your IT team may need to add a dedicated IP address (provided by your ContactMonkey Customer Success Manager) to your 365 Defender anti-spam policy. This will ensure that all individual emails pass through Office 365’s security tool (Microsoft Defender), and land in your employee inboxes.


Feature Availability

This article is specific to our Internal Communications tool and the Email At Scale feature. 


Getting Started

In order to complete these steps, you will need to have:

  • An IT team member with Exchange Admin permissions
  • The IP address provided to you by your Customer Success Manager during the implementation of Email At Scale


Allow Messages From ContactMonkeys IP  

To ensure that emails sent through ContactMonkey don't get flagged by your organization's Microsoft Defender, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into Office 365 and go to the "Security Center"

  2. In the left side menu under “Email and collaboration” go to “Policies and rules

  3. Click the “Threat policies” option

  4. Under “Policies” click “Anti-spam

  5. Click “Connection filter policy (Default)” so the options appear on the right side

  6. Click the “Edit connection filter policy” link

  7. Add your dedicated IP address to the “Always allow messages from the following IP addresses or address range” section.

    💡Tip: This IP will have been provided by your ContactMonkey Customer Success Manager while configuring Email At Scale. 

  8. Click Save


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