Linking a Video from your Intranet



As you may know, ContactMonkey enables users to easily embed the thumbnail of any public-facing YouTube or Vimeo video. If your video is hosted privately or on a separate site, ContactMonkey recommends you this alternative:

1. Take a screenshot of the video to be used as the thumbnail within the email.

2. Insert the thumbnail into an image block within your template.


3. Click ‘Apply effects and more’ from the right sidebar and go to the ‘Shapes’ tab.



4. Insert the triangle shape and rotate it so it looks like a play button.


5.Click the plus icon to enable the gear icon, which will then allow you to customize the color of the triangle or the "play" button. Once you are happy with the color, click "apply"  & "save". 


Within the content properties section on the right-hand side, scroll to Image Link, and paste in the URL of the video you would like to share.


The result will look identical to inserting a video block. 

Check out this video for a more detailed description!         

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