Downloading Campaign Reports


ContactMonkey offers numerous ways in which you can download and export the analytic reports from your dashboard. 


Export as a PDF

  1. Open the campaign you wish to download from the Recent Campaigns section.
  2. Expand any sections you wish to see in the final PDF document, e.g. the Comments sections under your Emoji Reactions and eNPS surveys. 
  3. Navigate to the very top of the report and click the Download Report button. 
  4. Select the Print option, on the following screen change the Destination to 'Save as PDF' and hit Save. Your file will then begin downloading.



Export to CSV

  1. Open the campaign you would like to export from the Recent Campaigns section. 
  2. Ensure your Recipient Count is up to date so that an accurate representation of Open and Click rates are reflected in your Data Export. 
  3. Click on the Download Report button on the top right of the screen and select Download Raw Data. 
  4. Within minutes you will receive an email with the CSV file attached with your data. 

Learn more about different export options for individual campaigns here.



Export Multiple to CSV 

From the Campaigns main dashboard you can use the Search options on the top right to filter your campaigns by Subject, Sender Name, Sender Email and Recipient Email. 


For example, you can search for all emails sent in the last 3 months with 'Newsletter' in the subject line. 

You can then select Download All Reports and you will be emailed a CSV of the combined stats for each of these campaigns. 


Check out this video for a more detailed explanation!


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