Sending from Shared Mailbox in Outlook

With ContactMonkey, you are able to conveniently send your internal communications from an address other than your own. As a plug in, we have the same preferences as your Outlook inbox. If you have a shared mailbox, read on to make sure you have the correct permissions to send from that address.

1. Enable the From field 

To do this, make sure the "From" field is enabled. Open a new email, and select "Option" in the Outlook Ribbon. Click "From" to show the field.


From there, click on the "From" field. This will bring up a list of existing shared email addresses/shared mailboxes  you have access to send from. Read on to learn the difference between different delegate permissions. 

Read on to check if you can send on behalf of another email:

Glossary" Shared Mailbox Permissions

Delegate Permissions 
"Send As" 
To "send as" another person or mailbox requires permissions on the mailbox set by an Exchange administrator. When you "send as" the message appears to come from the other person or mailbox. Permission to "send as" can be granted without full mailbox access.
"Send From" 
Full mailbox access allows a user to open another mailbox, but does not grant "send as". The "send as" and "full mailbox access" permissions can be granted separately or together. Both are set by an Exchange administrator. This is the level of access required to send using ContactMonkey.

2. Test permissions 

To test if you have permissions to "Send As'" from a specific mailbox, send a test email to the recipient of your choice. Make sure the ContactMonkey side bar is not used to send the email by clicking the native Send Button in your inbox. If it sends successfully, you have full mailbox permissions. If you receive an error like the one below, you need to enable permissions:


3. Enable full mailbox permissions 

If you are unable to send "As" from another mailbox, check in with your IT department to ensure the permissions are enabled. ContactMonkey is unable to do this from our end. 

You may also use this article to troubleshoot if you do have permissions to that mailbox. 

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