Create a Shared Mailbox in Outlook

ContactMonkey licenses are assigned to full mailboxes under your particular name, not shared mailboxes. This allows you the flexibility to choose which mailboxes you would like to send from. Read more below on how an admin-level user within Office 365 can create a shared mailbox. 

Creating Shared Mailbox

  1. Sign in with a global admin login. This is typically only done by the IT department of a particular company.
  2. Within the admin centre, go to the Groups> Shared Mailbox page. You can also access it by clicking here. 
  3. Once you are on that page, you will need to create a mailbox. you can do this by selecting " Add a Mailbox". From there, you can enter the details to create the shared mailbox. See the screenshot below:
  4.  Once you have confirmed the details, select "Add". Please note this step may take a few minutes as Microsoft activates your mailbox.
  5. The next screen will present several options. Select "Add Members". Here, you will need to add the user IDs of employees who will view incoming emails and send out replies. add_members_to_shared_mailbox.png
  6. From the next screen, add the members who should have access to the mailbox. We would recommend adding all ContactMonkey license holders. The screen should look like this:add_ids_to_shared_mailbox.png
  7. Once you are happy with the members, click "Save" then "Close".

What are the different mailbox permissions?

Full Access
Let's users access the mailbox and view the emails. Users cannot send from the mailbox, so we don't recommend this option for ContactMonkey license holders.
Send As
Allows a user to view emails and send from their own address with the shared mailbox ID. This is the recommended setting for ContactMonkey license holders.
Send on Behalf
Also known as Send From, and this allows a user to send on behalf of the mailbox. For instance, if Sandra logs into the internal comms inbox, their outgoing emails will go out as "Sandra sending on behalf of internal comms". This is not the recommended setting for ContactMonkey license holders.
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