How do I Update Outlook?

Updating your Outlook Email is best practice. Read below to learn how to enable your updates automatically, or do a manual fix if you are facing issues. 

Check and Update Outlook Manually

To update manually, you can have Outlook connect to Microsoft and check for updates. 

1. Open Microsoft and click "File". 

2. In the navigation pane, click "Office Account".

3.Click "Update Options".

4. Click "Update Now". 


Check and Update Outlook Automatically 
To save you time, you may wish to have Outlook update automatically. To do this, follow the steps below:
1. Open Microsoft Outlook and select "File". 
2. In the navigation pane, select " Office Account".
3.Select "Update Options".
4. If automatic updates are paused or disabled, select "Enable Updates".
5. Click "Enable Updates". This will make sure updates are now started automatically. enable_automatic_outlook.jpg


Not Seeing the Update Options? 

Your organization may have settings that won't allow you to update manually or automatically. If you don't see these options, reach out to your IT team to make sure you are up to date. 

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