How to View Segmented Email Stats?



Segmented Email Stats Note:

Please note that segmented email stats will only show up on your dashboard for campaigns with individual tracking. Check out this article for how to set up your segmented email stats.

1. To view your segmented email stats, go to "Campaign Overview" page of your individually tracked campaigns. From there, you should see a new tab next to Data Overview tab entitled "Segmented Email Stats.



2.Under the "Segmented Email Stats" tab, you will be able to see a breakdown of detailed analytics filtered based on merge fields from your Contacts upload. You can select the filter from the dropdown menu:


3.You can also easily download these detailed filtered statistics to benchmark performance across the different segments. Check out this article on how to download statistics, and this one on how to compare campaigns. 

What can I see under Segmented Stats?

Similar to your dashboard view, you can see:

  • a visual breakdown of opens and clicks
  • a list breakdown of opens and clicks by the specified parameters
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