Best Practices: Printing your Email

ContactMonkey allows users to save their emails in PDF A4 format to allow senders and/or recipients the ability to print the email with the correct formatting.
Note: Printing the email directly in Outlook or Gmail may cause formatting issues to appear. 

Step 1: Open your email in the email builder and navigate to the save drop-down menu on the top right of your screen. Choose the "export as PDF (A4)" option to download the PDF to your PC. This PDF can now be printed for hard copy distribution. If you wish to allow your recipients to also print this PDF, please refer to steps 2 & 3. 


Step 2: Insert a new row at the bottom of your email and drag in a button from the Content Tab. Label this button "Print this Email".


Step 3: Click on the button to load the content properties tab on the right-hand side. From here, go to Action > Link File and upload your new PDF to your file manager and insert it. You will see a URL populate the URL field. 


Once this button is clicked on, your reader will be redirected to a new window with the option to download or print the PDF. As this is inserted into the button as a URL, ContactMonkey will be able to report the number of clicks this button has received in the campaign analytics section. 

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