How to Format a .CSV for ContactMonkey


Heres a few tips to ensure you successfully upload your .CSV to Mail Merge.

In this section:

Step One:.CSV Best Practices

Step Two: Upload .CSV to ContactMonkey sidebar 



Step One: .CSV Best Practices 

  • First column is entitled "Email", and has the recipient's email addresses 
  • Emails formatted correctly: all have domains, no spaces before/after
  • Column Names: Must be one word, no spaces ( e.g. "company name" will not be accepted, but "company" or "companyname" will)
  • Custom Column Names must be all lower case letters
  • NO duplicate email addresses 
  • remove columns not being used as a merge field 
  • File saved as CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (*.csv)

Upload CSV Limit

ContactMonkey has a limit of up to 10,000 recipients for any one .CSV file. 


Step Two: Upload .CSV to ContactMonkey Sidebar

Use ContactMonkey's CSV validator to ensure it is formatted correctly. To do so upload your CSV to the ContactMonkey sidebar.


Feel free to download our sample CSV file as an example below.




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