Undo Feature Explained

When enabled, the UNDO feature allows you to rewind and fast-forward to any point in your recent edit history. When changes are detected, a compact Undo widget displays in the bottom left corner of the stage (see annotation below):



The timeline allows you to browse through the most recent changes. The widget displays:

  • An icon to identify the content element type (an image, text, etc.)
  • A description of what changed, giving the new property value (if any)
  • The exact time it happened

These details help determine what modification was applied, and if desired… rewind the message to that state.

Going past 15 edits?

The Undo widget currently displays the last 15 edits in the timeline, but you can always rewind to the Message Opened state to undo all changes since the message was initially opened in the editor.       

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